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Bad Science, Treatments Suggest Criminal Corruption

Bad Science, Treatments Suggest Criminal Corruption

A series of major scientific errors and reversals, including faulty predictive modelsdeadly yet lucrative treatment protocols, a blatantly-rigged drug efficacy study, suspiciously loose policies both for diagnosis and cause of death accounting, revelations of financial conflicts of interest, and public outcry for investigations into dangerous criminal conspiracies involving some of the world’s top health authorities have all begun to reveal the extent to which pharmaceutical corporate profit motives appear to have co-opted mainstream scientific research in order to manipulate the beliefs and behavior of the entire world to their own selfish ends, despite the damages caused to billions of people around the world.

The highly co-ordinated “Lock-Step” style rollout of the global pandemic response was based on an emergency declaration by the WHO, which sent recommended mitigation guidelines to nations around the world. These guidelines were widely trusted at face value, and were presumably based on the world’s best scientific models, using the most accurate data possible.

It turns out that nothing could be further from the truth, and most of the “public safety” guidelines that began to be implemented around the world have little to no science supporting them whatsoever, and in fact, a wealth of scientific studies and historical data against them.

Let’s just take it step by step through a variety deceptions we have witnessed from our trusted health officials over the past few months.


The first introductory “blunder” to detail is the WHO and Fauci both falsely promoting the bogus -and incredibly alarming- idea that the natural antibodies of those who have recovered from Covid-19 will not grant them immunity, and that people may become reinfected, perhaps even many times. Many media articles reported that people who had recovered were testing positive again, and many even falsely claimed that reinfection was much deadlier. This led to a dire sense of panic based on irrational fear of a never-ending viral assault that could very seriously impact humanity.

The truth is that the tests were giving false positives due to detecting broken virus fragments, and actually posed no threat of reinfection. The latest studies confirm this virus behaves like all the rest we have ever seen, and that this radically unprecedented idea that natural antibodies would not provide natural immunity to Covid-19, which was promoted heavily throughout the mainstream media, based on confusing statements made by both the WHO and Dr. Fauci, is totally bogus.


In the midst of this highly-alarming, topsy-turvy, reality-shifting, ‘reinfection deception’, these same so-called health authorities pushed another boldfaced and incredibly dangerous lie: that asymptomatic carriers are contagious and can spread infection.

This is simply wrong, and likely only created to push a very dangerous pre-planned agenda, that is, to fabricate a scenario which turns innocent people into a plausible public threat, very similar to other verified CIA operations such as the War on Drugs, which sought to contrive reasons to detain inner city residents, and accomplished this by flooding their neighborhoods with guns and drugs, and then making millions of arrests, a form of mass entrapment. (The next step in that plan, by the way, was to privatize the prisons.)

This is similar as well to how 9/11 was used to pass a highly-unconstitutional provision called The Patriot Act which stripped citizens of many basic rights, most notably habeas corpus and due process, if they were even suspected of any type of terrorism. This Act was then used as rationale to secretly conduct vast spying and surveillance of US citizens, measures which have never ended and are now dramatically increasing. Even though there was never another 9/11-level terrorist attack again in the US after 2001, and islamic terrorism is no longer considered much of a real threat, the Patriot Act is still alive and well, renewed with bi-partisan support annually under a new Orwellian name, the Freedom Act. With Covid-19, the government surveillance and enforcement measures are becoming more extreme than many Americans had ever imagined possible.

Is Covid-19 being taken advantage of like 9/11 was in order to permanently usher in more invasive levels of government surveillance and control?

The false narrative of asymptomatic carriers being contagious and posing a public health threat has been heavily promoted in thousands of mainstream news outlets and very official-looking health websites, widely creating the false impression that this is somehow “settled science”, which is, itself, a completely bogus idea. This asymptomatic carrier contagion narrative is simply not true. It would overturn the entire history of known virology based on an unproven theory alone….And it is an incredibly dangerous idea.

Totalitarian fascist/communist governments in recent history have verifiably been at least twice as deadly than even the Black Death plague, and many times more deadly than the Spanish Flu. Higher death estimates are more than double that.

The early May announcement of plans for contact tracing and forced isolation come as a complete shock to many as covid cases have been dropping across the board, with many places even lowering their official death tallies all the make-shift hospitals that had been set up closed down without seeing a single covid patient. The curve did not need flattening, as Sweden proved with 18x less death than was predicted they would have with their mild response. With the actual mortality rate being many times lower than predicted, with cases falling and hospitals closing, it would seem that the supposed goal “flattening the curve” has been more than achieved, and more likely -as South Dakota and Sweden evidence clearly – was a highly-irresponsible alarmist prediction.

Now that we can see the lack of severe mortality, the slowing infection rates, and much higher percentage of the population already had it than “experts” believed, shouldn’t we protecting all the other vulnerable people that we have been endangering by restoring the right to pursue life and liberty?

Instead of this common sense sanity, what we are seeing in its place is an extremely invasive and utterly unnecessary tyranny of tracing and forcing isolation of the entire population based on suspicion or proven faulty tests. The State of Washington and others have even been preparing to take citizen’s children from them and place into State custody if they test positive, based on guidance from the WHO, even though the tests have been proven faulty many times. This extreme government overreach in the name of public safety is simply too reminiscent of SS and Gestapo round-up tactics which also allowed for absolutely anyone to be detained in the name of public safety, for their children or other family members to be taken into state custody.

Once a child goes into state custody, they have a 2900% greater chance of being sexually abused,
and their parents or legal guardians may never get them back again.

It is critically important to recognize the massive threat to public health and safety that highly-centralized totalitarian governments inevitably cause their populations, and weigh this is in with our care and concern for the threat to public health caused by Covid-19.

Increases in state power will inevitably lead to increases in abuse of power, and increases in abuse of power will be always perpetrated unevenly – in any society or nation- with the largest part of these abuses being carried against ethnic minorities and the poor.

Blanket protections of all individual rights is actually the most effective way to defend minorities and poor citizens. This is precisely why the democratic slogan has long existed, “There is no greater good than individual liberty.” For without individual liberty, the most vulnerable in a society will quickly become a target for the corrupt.

It is not without incredibly tragic irony that in agreeing to totalitarian measures which are devastating the world’s poorest and bankrupting the working class while helping the ultra-wealthy get even wealthier, in order to try and “save lives”, those seeking to protect the weak may actually be participating in a vast genocide of hundreds of millions -if not ultimately billions- of the most vulnerable people around the world, caused not by a virus, but by the highly-unscientific, totalitarian response.

Hunger already kills millions of people every year, and due to the global shutdown of the economy upon which billions of lives depend,
 hunger now threatens to starve 265 million children in 2020 alone.

In addition to the casualty damages, due to major shutdown of non-covid related services, many hospitals and clinics nationwide are permanently laying off staff and even closing and many people fighting cancer and heart disease, which kill many times more people each year, are unable to get appointments for care. Are we concerned at all about how many people might die from lack of adequate medical care due to the shutdown response?

Is there really any valid way to deny our responsibility for increasing the global death rate from hunger, suicide, domestic violence and other illnesses, as well as for collateral damages such as destroyed businesses, lost jobs and lost homes -all directly caused by our panicked actions- simply because we had good intentions “to save lives” or because we were “just following orders”?


Perhaps the most brazen scientific fraud used to deceive the public and push a profit agenda (or worse), and the one which this article’s title is most directly referring to –for it reveals both clear scientific fraud and a clear indication of the motive for the crime– is the Gates Foundation-funded study done explicitly to discredit the efficacy of the drug chloroquine against covid-19, and push a lucrative vaccine solution instead.

This fraud is truly one for the record books. It is a con so bold, it’s like the emperor is not only naked, but also looking you right in the eye, while peeing on your feet.

Let’s reveal this blatant fraud by first showing the evidence that China got out of the pandemic crisis, not with a lucrative vaccine, but by helping the worst-hit patients make a full recovery from covid-19, primarily using vitamin C. Next, we see on-the-ground clinical covid-19 trials for vitamin C being performed despite lack of funding, and because of the visible results and proven on-the-ground efficacy witnessed by front line medical staff, as well as US doctors pointing out the poignant fact that all of the US covid-19 deaths were treated with ventilators or drugs, and were not given intravenous vitamin C.

Furthermore, after seeing the success in China, the Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy released guidelines for treating Covid-19 with vitamin C. Japan subsequently had very few deaths, and Tokyo — a city on par with size and density of New York- has only seen a few hundred deaths, while NY has seen over 20k.

Offering a succinct caricature of the backwards black mirror that the pandemic response has ushered in, we note how the few hospitals in NY that began using vitamin C IV treatments had a good success rate, but nevertheless the FBI started raiding clinics elsewhere for using this treatment, despite its success and absence of fatal outcomes. No such raid happened at hospitals using ventilators, where many thousands have died.

There is a long scientific history of vitamin C’s proven efficacy and long history of clinical use as a potent treatment for many conditions including cancer, as well as a proven, potent anti-viral. It considered “fundamental” to basic immune function and there are even published clinical papers theorizing that vitamin C alone could curb a global virus pandemic.

When a drug trial is conducted to determine efficacy, the primary strategy is to compare its effectiveness against that of a placebo. The idea is that, if the medicine does not work any better than the placebo, then it is probably not effective. But what if you use a proven, potent anti-viral, one that is a fundamental element of basic immune function, one that is already actively being used with success to help severe cases recover from the virus, and has already been formally theorized to be able to single-handedly curb a global pandemic — AS THE PLACEBO?!?!

This is exactly what has been done, using ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, as the placebo control, in order to intentionally design a fraudulent study that will falsely conclude that chloroquine is ineffective. Why would they do that? Because chloroquine is an incredibly cheap medicine that has an expired patent, which means cheap generics are readily available, and no single company can monopolize it. Really, no one in the pharmaceutical industry can profit much from it at all, as it is very potent and goes for about $5 a pill.

The only real difference between chloroquine and Remdesivir is about $1000 per pill; both have been proven effective against the covid-19 virus.

To see such audacious scientific fraud deceiving the world causes one to speculate that there must be massive financial motivation behind this ambitious deception, or else something even more nefarious. Once we uncover some of the factual details, the big picture seems to come into focus.

We see roughly $50 billion was invested into vaccine initiatives by the Gates Foundation alone, with much of this being donated as grants for R&D to for-profit companies, so they can more profitably develop and sell lucrative pharmaceutical products), and we see the incredible profit margins on vaccine and testing patents held by the CDC themselves.

Pharmaceuticals are one of the most profitable industries in the world and nearly every mainstream media outlet shares board members with a major pharmaceutical company, so there is vast behind-the-scenes collusion between these two industries.

The more we pull back the curtain, the more it starts to look like the same old corporate con artistry we have seen so many times before, only taken to unimaginable new heights and extremes. From cigarettes to DDT, asbestos to GMO’s and microwave frequencies, science has long been corrupted by corporate profit motives, and used to promote harmful products by deceiving the public at large.

When we really step back and look at the facts about how the CDC is formed, who is funding and directly running it, it starts to become very apparent that the CDC is not truly serving the interests of public health, but rather the private interests of the same for-profit pharmaceutical companies that the entity is supposed to be regulating, making itself into an absurd facade of a government regulatory body, and absolutely nothing more or less than a conglomerate pharmaceutical lobbyist group.

What we see in the CDC is a for-profit agency operating very deceptively and fraudulently as if it is an altruistic, governmental public health agency.

Could this be why the CDC, WHO and Fauci have been working with Bill Gates to set the stage and push a lucrative agenda to vaccinate 7.7 billion people around the planet, instead of promoting cheap and effective medicines that could literally end the crisis today?


One of the most deeply subversive of all the deceptive narratives has been the completely false yet ubiquitous insistence that long-term “Social Distancing” is proven, “settled science” when it is absolutely anything but.

There have only been 15 studies on SD, mostly all suspiciously done in 2018 (when other facts also indicate pre-planning for a global pandemic response) all with very small sample sizes, and none of which that used a coronavirus, but rather influenza virus instead, and furthermore, the conclusions reached did not support long-term social distancing in any way whatsoever.

Just like the irresponsibly-alarmist and egregiously-wrong death rate predictions, the “science” supporting social distancing guidelines was based on entirely fabricated assumptions, somehow roughly based on a few small studies done quickly in 2018, which were fed into computer models. This is exactly how Neil Ferguson at the Imperial College of London came up with the criminally-irresponsible death predictions for the UK and US, which he was funded by the Gates Foundation to do.

There have been no actual experiments or studies done on social distancing during large scale outbreaks, none done on representative sample sizes, none with a coronavirus, and the findings of the few studies that have been done concluded that long-term social distancing is not effective, and is really only minimally effective in the first two weeks of an outbreak.

The few studies done on social distancing only found a maximum of 23% reduction in spread, and only when implemented immediately at the onset of outbreak. Further, they only found benefit in the first 2 weeks, after that, the studies concluded there was almost no benefit at all. If social distancing was delayed after the outbreak had begun to spread, they also found there was almost no benefit.

Now we are seeing evidence that many people have already had and recovered from covid-19 without treatment, and evidence that it has been in the US since December. If this is the case -and even if it arrived in February or March- the actual scientific studies clearly indicate that social distancing would be doing absolutely nothing to slow the spread at this point in May, and in fact, can now only be preventing natural herd immunity, which relies on close contact and socializing to spread antigens throughout the population.

Social distancing and Shelter In Place orders are causing many other harmful problems as well, such as increasing rates and severity of mental illness and depressionlowering overall immunityincreasing suicide rates and incidence of domestic violence as well as increasing frequency of child sexual abuse.

Long-term social distancing has absolutely no scientific basis whatsoever, and is actually in direct conflict with known science of herd immunity and the need for human touch and connection to pass on antigens so that not everyone in a given population has to get infected in order to develop anti-bodies and immunity.

Neither Social Distancing nor Shelter in Place has ever been studied at scale, nor have they ever been studied at all with a highly-contagious coronavirus. There are many undeniable direct casualties and other human damages of this dystopian policy that have not been calculated nor the weighed in the balance whatsoever. Long-term social distancing is arguably more likely to cause a greater percentage of people to get infected by preventing the spread of antigens by those who have developed antibodies, which is how our immune systems have evolved to function over millions of years, in order to protect the collective as a whole. This is supported by the fact that a majority of people now getting seriously sick with covid in NY are the ones following Stay-at Home and Social Distancing orders, whereas the vast majority of “essential” workers coming into contact with thousands of people a day have remained healthy.

And because humans require touch and social connection to stay generally healthy, social distancing not only ironically destabilizes critical neurochemistry, increases stress levels and lowers overall immunity, but the isolation itself may also be playing a very detrimental role as a critical component of an exploitative mass deception.

Below are some of the classic types of intentional trauma inflicted by false, abusive authorities in order to take control of their victim’s mind. Any of these look familiar?

Has most of the world just been force initiated in the cult of Scientism?


Another important aspect of this criminal conspiracy that has already been exposed to some degree is the fraudulent data collection practices for both diagnosis and cause of death accounting, coupled with CARES act creating financial incentives for covid-19 diagnoses and deaths, as well as for prescribing ventilators instead of other treatment options, even though this killed 88% of patients put on them in New York, a city where the death toll has been 200X that of similar sized city Tokyo.

Guidelines allow for a positive covid-19 diagnosis without a test, and despite a negative test; they may simply assume it was a false negative. This choice carries a financial perk. Furthermore, many prior deaths originally counted to other causes were later changed to be counted covid without any testing at all. This highly unscientific choice also is rewarded with payment. 

Point blank: the CARES act created financial incentives for hospitals to over-diagnose covid-19 cases and mortalities, and to excessively treat suspected cases with ventilators, despite the horrendous mortality rate.

When we start comparing the stats, it becomes obvious that there are some major anomalies, and the more we inspect the details, it becomes clear that places using primarily ventilators for treatment, like New York, are seeing absolutely insane death rates, while many other places are seeing normal, and even lower than average rates for seasonal viruses.

The obvious question that presents itself when comparing these stats is:

Did 20k people in New York counted as covid-19 death actually die of iatrogenesis due to profit-driven admins ordering deadly protocols?

This author will certainly stop shy of making outright criminal accusations against the administrations of hospitals in New York and New Jersey, though would suggest that the evidence clearly merits serious investigation by independent authorities. Furthermore, calls for investigation into the guidelines, testing and treatments provided by the WHO and the Gates Foundation for Covid-19 have recently come under from Madagascar, Tanzania as well as Japan. Clearly there are far too many anomalies now, and far too many lives at stake, to continue to ignore the very real possibility of a vast criminal conspiracy.