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The Left is Right

The Left is Right

The Left Is Right

By what rationale are the people violently protesting government corruption and overreach at the Capitol to be called “conservative” while those cheering a plutocratic technocracy of unelected rich white men call themselves “progressive”?

How did “conservatives” become the champions of “My Body, My Choice” while once-tolerant progressives have become just as fanatical as fundamentalist Christians, with no moral qualms about endorsing state violence to strip individuals of their right to make sovereign choices about their body and their lifestyle?

Why do millions of former progressives suddenly think it is their moral duty to support the use of state violence to strip individuals of even their most fundamental human rights?

Why do they now see it as their duty to employ the emotional violence of shame, anger and irrational fear to bully others into conformity, something which even just a year ago they would have preached soundly against?

Former progressives now insist that everyone must conform with the dubious orders of rich, unelected white men whether they consent or not, no matter how irrational or undeniably catastrophic they may be to themselves, their families, or billions of people around the world. This is all being justified in order to stop the spread of a respiratory illness which has a 99% recovery rate.

Is this really the behavior of a tolerant, rational and progressive Left? How have things gotten so mixed up? Well, to cut right to the cold, hard, ugly truth….

The reason we see the former Left now so far Right -trading their value for plurality in for conformity, consent for conscription, free speech for censorship, and individual rights for authoritarian overreach- is because they have succumbed to the very same pathology of narcissistic moral superiority that has fueled religious, nationalist and race-based fascism throughout history. Their false moral supremacism centers on a polarization fallacy which sees Trump as the “evil enemy” to oppose at all costs (because he powerfully triggers progressive Americans’ unintegrated shadow) and so in order to maintain constant opposition to him (believing this proves that they are nothing like him), they have been forced to completely reverse their values and move farther Right than even most conservatives have been for the last half century.

You see, it doesn’t matter whether your false sense of moral superiority is based on your race, your religion, or your supposedly progressive beliefs. It all leads to the very same sort of pathology, known generally as narcissism. The essential problem with narcissism is that it values flattering appearances over actual substance so much that it will choose to live in complete denial of reality -and even choose to employ or condone subtle or overt violence against innocent people- in order to protect a cherished fantasy.

The ethnocentricity that gives rise to overt, conscious racism is collective narcissism. Horrors such as “honor killings“, suicide bombers, and the assassination of abortion doctors and nurses can all be attributed to the pathology of collective narcissism, which all religions tend to foster. The new medical fascism paradigm is very much like a new religion which is being propelled by the false moral superiority of collective narcissism.

Collective narcissism demands groupthink and loyalty to the dogmas that bind the group together. The key characteristic is the need to control others and force them to conform to the “correct beliefs and behaviors”, which affirms the group’s belief that they are righteous and superior. They see anyone who does not conform to the group’s “way” only as “other”, which equates to being morally inferior, at best, and just plain “evil” at worst. This is where collective narcissism can become dangerous, as it needs to denigrate and dehumanize anyone who does not conform and assimilate, which it accomplishes primarily through shadow projection.

Fascism is essentially when any given form of collective narcissism takes control of a government and uses the State’s monopoly on violence to enforce that group’s unique values and interests onto everyone else, whether they consent or not, and whether it hurts them or not. This is why fighting for individual rights has always been the key to success for the progressive movement, as well as the basis for the unprecedented new levels of political freedom won in the American Revolution which was fought against the world’s largest colonialist power. Individual rights are the only protection against the tyranny of an over-empowered state succumbing to fascist dictates, leading to systematic oppression and genocide.

The essence of fascism is authoritarianism, and a government begins to dangerously overstep its bounds into far Right fascism when it strips away basic individual rights and forces citizens to comply with harmful demands, with or without their consent. The more the state becomes empowered to strip basic rights from citizens, and cause them harm without recourse, the more abusive and violent it becomes.

Supporting the State to strip individuals of their basic rights is anti-progressive, and is promoting far right authoritarian fascism. Empowering an already violent and abusive state with unprecedented new powers to strip individuals of their rights, while simultaneously rioting angrily about the very same state’s current abuses of power, well….isn’t that the definition of insanity?

* * *

The latest form of fascism taking over the world could be described as medical fascism, or perhaps as a collectivist moral fascism, but like all fascism, it has come to power as an extreme response to a perceived national security threat, and it demands that we all make the trade-off of our freedom for the “safety” that it insists only “it’s way” can offer.

Yet this claim amounts to 2+2=5 by literally every measure, as the data shows that not only are lockdowns, shutdowns and masks not controlling the spread or lowering death rates compared to places not following these irrational orders, they are directly hurting billions of people and are causing far more harm to humanity than they might possibly prevent. The negative impact of these policies will now be felt for over decade even if they were to all be stopped today.

But those who have adopted this new form of collective narcissism don’t want to hear any of this data. They will ignore all inconvenient facts (that aren’t already censored) and do Orwellian math on demand, because living in irrational fear of the latest, greatest coronavirus -euphemistically now called being “covid concerned” or even “covid conscious”- and performing the prescribed superstitious rituals, has become their way of “proving” that they are good, virtuous people.

Appearing to be virtuous is apparently more important to these former progressives than actually being virtuous and actually taking care of the world’s most vulnerable, who are being the most egregiously harmed by these lockdowns and shutdowns, which are supposedly designed to “save lives” but are actually exponentially increasing death rates from nearly all causes.

Hundreds of millions are now forced line up for food daily.

It would only cost $11 billion a year to save hundreds of millions of lives and end starvation within the next decade, chump change for the likes of Gates and Bezos. But instead of funding organic farming, clean water and clean energy initiatives, cocky Bezos budgets a billion a year for rocketing giant penises into space, while Gates uses his billions to invest in for-profit prisons, tax-free through his “charity”, in environmentally-disastrous monocrop farms using dangerous chemicals to grow toxic GMO food, high-tech human surveillance initiatives like global real-time satellite video surveillance of the entire planet as well as patents for microchips which track body data and use it to generate crypto-currency, which is a very innovative system to manage prisoners who are required to work for commissary, or to constantly track workers at places like Amazon where they are not allowed to stop moving or their paycheck gets cut, or to monitor citizens whose basic income direct deposits and access to public venues are dependent on their strict adherence to government orders such as social distancing.

Bill Gates and other trans-humanists also want to steer human life onto the virtual reality platforms they are building, so that humans are primarily interfacing with each other through digital technology infused directly into their brain, living lives physically isolated from each other and interacting primarily through a virtual medium which Big Tech firms like Microsoft and Google would utterly control. Why would we ever agree to live like this if we thought we had a choice?

Does the world Bill Gates is investing in, planning for and executing in real time look like the world of peace and security derived through shared mutual abundance which progressives have long dreamed of and fought for?

Or does the world he is engineering look more like some Matrix-meets-Hunger Games dystopian nightmare with widespread famine and poverty, security only for the absurdly wealthy, violently-enforced by an inhumane police state that allows a few grotesquely rich folks to devour the Earth’s resources at unimaginable rates while they watch hundreds of millions of the most vulnerable people on Earth starve to death, keeping the rest of us carefully controlled inside high tech, open air prisons such as China is already perfecting, with all of our human connection mediated through technological interfaces owned and controlled by unaccountable corporations that censor and block anyone they choose with impunity?

Is it progressive to support trading poor African, Indian and South American lives for wealthy Western ones at a rate of roughly 10,000 to 1? Because that is exactly what’s happening. And that is assuming accuracy of the fraudulent death stats for covid, a topic which we will soon review, along with other peer-reviewed papers and data which directly contradict all of these “emergency” orders.

While the world’s most vulnerable are literally being left to starve to death by the hundreds of millions, and millions of people on the edge are becoming unemployed, bankrupt and homeless, a few cunning billionaires are on their way to becoming trillionaires by monopolizing not only the entire world’s economy, but all of human life as we know it. Rich, unelected white billionaires are taking control of national governments by using their wealth to corrupt trusted mainstream media channels and forcing them to contrive hysterical fear and panic, as well as with massive “pandemic funds” to buy off politicians around the world. This “investment” is monopolizing health care, education and all of human society as we are forced to interact online and become utterly dependent on the technology firms like Microsoft sell. How could anyone possibly call this global plutocratic take over by unelected rich white men “progressive”?

Rather than honestly living up to their values, those embracing this “new normal” medical fascist paradigm seem to only be interested having others project progressive virtues onto them, and they love attaining this flattering projection simply for making cheap token gestures. But ironically, these token gestures are actually putting them in direct conflict with the values and virtues that they are intended to signal.

As Chomsky indicated, we should expect that anytime we increase the state’s power it is going to end up using that power to wield more violence against innocent people. The progressive movement has always been a march of expanding individual rights against government overreach excessively controlling people and their bodies. Former progressives are now the ones pushing backwards against their own march of forward progress by supporting the government to strip individuals of many of their most fundamental rights, including the right to be sovereign over their own body.

Former progressives are now supporting radical and dangerous new levels of state empowerment, allowing unelected officials and privately-funded institutions blatantly dominated by monopolistic profit-motives and special-interest group agendas to unilaterally dictate orders that strip away the most basic rights of individuals, such as to earn a living, attend church, or even visit family and friends. The mechanism most directly forcing this flip flop in values is a polarization fallacy which has manipulated millions of people into believing they must maintain constant opposition to Trump, no matter what, as he has been warped into a monolith for America’s collective unconscious shadow projections.

Conforming with the new medical fascist paradigm has become a way for millions of American’s to indulge in a collective narcissistic delusion that performing these token gestures “prove” they are “nothing like Trump”, who is equated with shadow traits such as being racist, sexist, selfish, narcissistic and anti-scientific. Perhaps most of all, performing these superstitious rituals is believed to prove that one is a rational person, holding scientifically-proven beliefs, as “believing in Science” has become very much like a new mainstream religion.

Many former progressives now use the word “Science” exactly how religious folks use the word “God”, and they understand it even less. You may often hear them indignantly expressing the sentiment that people who don’t “believe in science” are backwards, idiots, and even a danger to society. Yet they also believe that they are not competent to understand “science”, and so they must leave it up to the priests, err, I mean the experts, to tell them what the truth is. Rather than being rational, they have fallen into an appeal to authority fallacy which is the crux of all faith-based, religious mindsets. They base their beliefs on the fallible and corruptible opinions of the specific authorities that they like and have been accepted, accredited and confirmed within white, western “science” and it’s corporately-controlled peer-review system. These people are not talking about the Scientific Method when they refer to “Science”, or even to scientific principles. Rather, when they use the word, they are actually referring to a globally-centralized power structure created and controlled by transnational corporations that are legally bound to value financial profit over human life. These people use the word “Science” like they are talking about infallible truth coming from the official mouthpiece of God when they are actually referring to the military-industrial-complex, which can be accurately described as a corrupt, incestuous amalgamation of military and intelligence agencies with planet-wrecking oil companies, murderous drug companies, warmongering defense contractors and transhumanist tech firms.

The world’s most notorious American white supremacist family, the Rockefellers, founded and funded the AMA which still sets medical standards and writes the textbooks which indoctrinate new doctors today. This family worked for many decades in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to monopolize allopathic medicine and intentionally corrupt valid science to bend it towards their eugenicist goals, which are expressly to control and direct the genetic evolution of all humanity. One of their major goals is to drastically reduce the total human population, which continues to grow exponentially year by year, and they believe is causing the problem of resource scarcity, even though data shows the top 1% wealthiest consume more than the bottom 50% combined. The billionaire class does not think it’s own obscene lifestyle is the problem, rather, they theorize, the problem is that there are just far too many people, period. No surprise then, that then new MRNA covid vaccine, which is by definition a eugenicist product, is using DNA fragments as adjuvants, and scientists are already warning could cause permanent DNA modification and accidental mutation, leading to mass death, disease and sterilization.

But former progressives do not actually understand any of the real science around covid (they simply accept the word of the experts they like, even when they are flailing back and forth), nor do they allow themselves to see the bigger picture of the various horrors now unfolding around the world due to all of these extreme measures, nor will they honestly acknowledge any of the dangers that could befall humanity if the whole species were forced to take an experimental vaccine that ended up having serious side effects, as these could actually sterilize or otherwise harm billions of people. This is because they refuse to admit there could they could possibly be complicit in such a large-scale, powerful and globally organized form of white supremacy.

Top data analyst firms contracted by US Intelligence agencies to produce assessment reports -such as Deagel– are predicting a 450% drop in the US population over the next 5 years. What do they know?

Instead of doing any real research for themselves, instead of paying any attention to the growing pile of red flags and clear potential for danger with a healthy dose of rational skepticism, former progressives have gone all in, pouring blind faith into the superstitious rituals demanded of them by the priest class of this new western supremacist Scientism religion… and they believe this proves that they are rational, and not racist.

“Science” has been warped into a veritable cult for unconscious white supremacists in denial, with formal rituals that serve expressly to help the devout believe they are virtuous people, who are to be forgiven and not blamed for the sins of their country’s past, and who are to be absolved from any association with Trump and the shadow traits he represents. These rituals -precisely like the rituals of organized religions- serve to create a collective narcissistic delusion that relieve adherents from the pain of guilt for their “sins”, shortcomings and imperfections.

The promised salvation of this new state-issued religion, which melds Scientism with Collectivism, is that devotees may be washed clean of their guilt for having racial privilege within a blatantly eugenicist society and never really doing anything to help minorities or the people most in need, but generally living their lives selfishly, always focusing on their own pleasure and comfort.

The priests of this new cult offer their followers rituals they may perform in order to wash away their racist, narcissistic sins. These irrational rituals serve as a form of modern day indulgences, allowing guilt-ridden progressives to bolster the delusions they most covet, namely that they are morally superior, highly rational people, adhering strictly to science, and are not racist or selfish.

Of course they are racist and selfish humans like everyone else on the planet, they are highly irrational, using textbook fallacies to form their beliefs, and they are behaving like textbook narcissists, the fundamental characteristic of which is not simply vanity, but a deep-seeded denial of painful truths about one’s self, causing a lack of self-respect and insecurity which feels driven to put others down in order bolster false pride. This need to put others down is due to a complete unwillingness to acknowledge their own faults and shadow traits, leading to the need to project these shadow traits outwardly onto others and demonize them as being “the bad ones”.

Progressives have become controlled by this new form of collective narcissism because they desperately want to believe that they are morally superior to the “Trump brand” of American racism, bigotry and selfishness, which has been so powerfully stigmatized by the media. Virtue signaling to everyone that “I am not like Trump. I am one of the good ones.” is the only real function that masks, distancing, and other such conformity serve.

And as long as everyone agrees to this game, agreeing on what you have to do you to prove you are good, it works, just like it works inside of any given religious community. If you pray 5 times a day, confess your sins, honor the sabbath, take communion, get baptized, etc, etc., then you are projected on as being virtuous by the other people within the community.

But, in order for this game to work, everyone in the in-group must also agree to denigrate, disregard and even dehumanize anyone who doesn’t conform. Religious conflicts have plagued humanity for thousands of years precisely because of the violent tendencies which these types of narcissistic beliefs engender. And this is why religious people all tend to be pretty far Right; because you become an authoritarian when you decide it is your moral duty to enforce your beliefs on others, despite their lack of consent, or even the harm it causes them. If you become an authoritarian, you have moved over to the Right, and you are no longer a progressive on the Left.

What has happened to former progressives is that they have accepted the fallacy that anyone who does not conform to the new far Right medical fascism, for any reason, is to be equated with Trump and his brand of “Right-wing” racism, sexism, etc. This is due to the polarization fallacy which has gripped these former progressives’ minds, due to the media’s incessant demonizing coverage which transformed him from mere man into an icon representing Americans’ most triggering shadows.

Due to being so triggered by Trump, progressives have embraced a stark bifurcation fallacy a la George W. Bush, “you are either with us or against us”, and will do anything to maintain opposition to him as evidence that they are nothing like him. They have become trapped in black and white thinking, which is notoriously irrational, produces highly inaccurate perceptions, and is prone to conflict.

This particular type of fallacious all-or-nothing thinking is also a key characteristic of narcissism. One of the major tactics narcissists use to avoid truth and responsibility is called gaslighting: basically refusing to admit an unflattering truth and doing whatever they can to create the appearance that the other person is the one who has has gotten it all wrong. Shadow projection is a very common form of gaslighting wherein the narcissist simply accuses the other of doing exactly what they are actually doing, or of having the traits that they deny exist in themselves. This is precisely why anyone who does not conform to the new medical fascism paradigm (which is extremely far Right authoritarianism) is currently being mislabeled as “Right-wing”, and then demonized as delusional and dangerous. Anyone not conforming to the new far Right paradigm becomes the target for the shadow projections of the narcissistic in-group. They specifically project the characteristics that they repress from their own projected collective identity, such as intolerance, racism, selfishness, authoritarianism, irrationality and narcissism.

Those following the new medical fascist paradigm agree to tell themselves that they are following the most up to date science, but they actually must either ignore all the scientific data or constantly perform doublethink, as the data directly contradicts their dogmatic beliefs and the easy atonement it offers. Instead of following the actual science (which we will run through shortly) former progressives have been locked into an appeal to authority fallacy, placing blind faith in proven corrupt authorities that they believe represent the best of the best of white western “Science”, but are actually corporate criminals accustomed to factoring the cost of harming people into the price of their products.

By resting their beliefs on a classic Appeal to Authority fallacy, trusting blindly in corrupt officials they think represent all of “science” -just as priests are seen as representatives of God who alone can interpret the truth- progressives have allowed their beliefs and morality to be dictated to them by profit-driven, unaccountable, unelected rich white men and the institutions that they have managed to corrupt. Profit motives must always be suspect by progressives, because they consistently drive corruption and cause corporations to not act in the public’s best interests, but rather to intentionally deceive and manipulate the public to take advantage of them against their true interests, in order to maximize profits. Not only is intentionally deceptive marketing widespread, there is a long legacy of the use of mass psyops in the US and companies corrupting science for ulterior motives. “A scientist or doctor is just as easily bought as a politician.” Remember Tobacco? Or the mass government psyop convincing people to be sprayed with pesticides like DDT?

* * *

Lets pause here to take a brief look at some current scientific data on covid:

-Current studies show that lockdowns are killing exponentially more people than if we did nothing at all (which is what humans have always done for millions of years).

-Many leading epidemiologist and public health policy advisors from around the world have come together to issue a joint statement condemning the masks, lockdowns and stay at home orders, calling for a rational policy that does not cause catastrophic harm to billions of people but does work to protect those who are most vulnerable.

-There are many thousands of practicing doctors around the world successfully treating patients with a wide variety of options from herbals to ozone, zinc and vitamin c as well as antivirals like Ivermectin and Remdesvir.

-The Executive Editor of leading peer-review medical journal BMJ wrote a paper saying that science is being intentionally corrupted and suppressed in order to use covid for political purposes.

-Despite a century of scientific effort, there is currently no effective vaccine for any virus. There is no AIDS vaccine, there is no common cold vaccine, and several decades of influenza vaccinations only led to 2018 being the deadliest flu season on record. Then in 2020, influenza suddenly stats fell off a cliff impossibly to zero, indicating clearly what many doctors and researchers have now confirmed, that influenza and several other common illnesses throughout 2020 have been being falsely diagnosed as covid, which helped to created the illusion of a pandemic.

-The PCR test being used for covid testing is not fit for purpose, cannot diagnose an infection and will give as high as 100% false positives. This has now even been ruled on in courts, and was made very clear by the test’s creator.

-Faulty testing is the reason there was a shift from death rate reporting to case rate reporting in the media. Testing was heavily promoted because this generated more false positives to help create the illusion of a public health emergency, even while death rates remained flat or dropped. The data shows that increased testing produced an increase in cases, but did not affect death rates.

-A recent peer review study details how the death reporting protocols for Covid-19 bypassed all the legal review boards and forced hospitals to list covid as cause of death even when it was not. This is why later tallies were reduced by over 90% after the cause of death was reviewed by a coroner and covid was removed. But the media is still only reporting the fraudulent figures that have been redacted. Again, this fraudulent accounting practice has created the illusion of a crisis that does not exist.

-We were originally scared into a panic with the idea that people were dropping dead in the street in China, and millions could be dead in the US within weeks. When this was not even close to the case, the fiction began to be propped up with fake statistics generated with faulty testing and fraudulent death reporting practices.

-Finally, if we were in a pandemic, then the total annual death rate would be skyrocketing. This is truly the most basic “2+2=4” logic. In fact, we find the total death rate is down, both in the US and globally.

If you maintain intellectual honesty, you must acknowledge these examples show basic rationality has really gone out the window during this so-called pandemic.

-We see that mortality rates for covid are actually very low, even with fraudulent death reporting practices, which contradicts the definition of a pandemic.

-Even the WHO now admits the PCR test gives up to 97% false positives, so rising case rates paint a false picture, as they only reflect a rise in testing, not infections or deaths.

-We see that policies such as forced masks are not backed by the data and the only studies on social distancing were suspiciously done very hastily in 2018, and were determined by British Medical Journal to be biased in their design and failed to show any significant reduction in transmission, other than if enacted immediately at the beginning of the outbreak, during the 2 weeks after the virus first appears. Red Cross data shows Americans already testing positive for covid antibodies in December 2019 -meaning they already had contracted and recovered from covid without any treatment, months before the media hysteria in January and February. The lockdown and shutdown did not get enforced until March 2020, several months after this evidence shows the virus had already appeared. The studies on shutdowns and social distancing showed no effect after the first two weeks, so there is absolutely no scientific evidence backing the current shutdown and social distancing orders.

Through all of this, it is apparent that adherence to actual scientific data been completely abandoned for a very strange kind of germophobia-come-virtue. As stated by a leading editor of the British Medical Journal, the actual scientific process is being intentionally corrupted to suppress the real science on covid, and these trusted public channels are being used to promote panic and irrational paranoia to press a very specific political and economic agenda. So what exactly is this agenda?

Well, just take a look at Klaus Schwab, the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum. Does he think he is the leader of some new religion? He recently gave a speech looking like he came straight out of the Mandalorian.

His organization, the World Economic Forum, along with the Gates Foundation, funded a massive mock pandemic exercise called Event 201 in October 2019, wherein many thousands of current media and government personnel from around the world practiced responding to a fake pandemic.

This anomalous man is also one of the main architects of The Great Reset, a plan to strip all individuals around the world of the right to own any type property at all. This blatant agenda for a corrupt type of global communism is being pushed by Schwab’s World Economic Form, which already has sponsored advertisements around the world assuring you, that “you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”

This is nothing short of a full-frontal assault takeover of sovereign governments around the world by the super rich, who intend to implement a 1984-style single party system of global government with no democratic process or representation of any kind, wherein the corrupt plutocratic class legally owns absolutely everything, and everyone else becomes like modern day serfs, living as fully dependent wardens of the State.

The Great Reset is precisely why there is a vast controlled demolition of the entire global economy happening now, with mass government dependency being pushed as the solution to rapidly rising bankruptcy, homelessness and starvation. Meanwhile, a few cunning billionaires are taking control of national governments around the world by giving corrupt politicians massive sums in exchange for implementing these harmful pandemic restrictions, which is nothing short of a global coup d’etat via mass bribery and unprecedented levels of propaganda. National governments have been paid off by the WHO to enforce these devastating policies, and the WHO has been notoriously dominated by Bill Gates for several years now. Journalist ethics watchdogs have reported that the mainstream media is in his pocket and Politico wrote an article about Gates back in 2017 that they started off with,

“Some billionaires are satisfied with buying themselves an island. Bill Gates got a United Nations health agency in Geneva.”

Since when is oligarchy progressive?

He not only bought the WHO and the CDC, he spent years buying up the mainstream media, and has exploited it to brand himself as a public health expert, despite many blatant financial conflicts of interest.

Not only are global death rates projected to skyrocket due to these restrictions, not only are local economies, small businesses and the middle class being demolished, but so it seems, is our humanity itself, as we are innately social creatures who require social connection, intimacy and touch to be healthy. Yet in this “new normal”, anything even remotely “human” is verboten! This dehumanization may actually be very intentional on the part of monopolistic minded transhumanists like Bill Gates, who was all too quickly -as early as April 2020, when the public was still being told “just another 2 weeks….just another 2 weeks”- working with Cuomo in NY to “reimagine the public school system” using his remote education software.

Why should he care of the mass psychological damage caused by isolating an entire generation of children or the obvious negative consequences for human society that will be caused by plugging kids into technology as early as 4 and 5 instead of to nature and their human peers, when what he and other Big Tech firms are openly working towards is a trans-humanist agenda wherein they envision humans merging with artificially intelligent machines, living inside a technological virtual reality which tech firms would completely control? Why not start them out as young as possible? What better way to steer the evolution of humanity toward trans-humanism and the much prophesized “Singularity” that they believe in and are working toward?

Jingoistic slogans like “Stay Home, Save Lives!” and “Wear A Mask, Be A Hero!” are entirely divorced from both the actual science of viral transmission, as well the ulterior purposes these dehumanizing orders actually serve.

Rather than prevent the spread of any virus, these rituals serve only two purposes. One is to further the nefarious agendas of criminally-minded billionaires, such as mass dehumanization as a step toward trans-humanism, monopolization of the entire economy as a step towards a plutocratic global “communism”, and the implementation of a global eugenics program (population control) disguised as health care. The other purpose is to feed the collective narcissistic delusion that complying with this new tyranny makes you one of the “good ones” … not like Trump.

Since Trump did not want to force masks, lockdowns, shutdowns, etc. (and due to the “covid is racist” narrative, a topic I will explore next) progressives polarized against Trump have been caught in a psychological bear trap, thinking that it proves they posses the shadow traits and are “bad” “selfish” “racist” “narcissists” if they do not conform and comply with this new form of global fascism. This puts them in the very awkward position of being in direct conflict with their actual values.

Furthermore, instead of actual science and reason, these former progressives are choosing to have blind faith in certain specific chosen authority figures and the rituals they demand, largely because these individuals are also in opposition to Trump, who has become the “enemy” to oppose at all costs, even if it means completely flip flopping their own values from Left to Right.

The same people who once believed that everything the government says is a lie and tirelessly protested every war since Vietnam are now masking up and self-enlisting as storm troopers in a global war against covid-19 (which by all measures is actually a global war on the poor, just like the War on Drugs) and are now fighting for the very same white western patriarchal empire that delivered the genocides of Colonialism and Manifest Destiny, as well as the Crusades and even the 3rd Reich.

These former progressives, in order to stay in perfect opposition to the “Trump brand”, in hopes this will prove they don’t have any of the shadow traits he represents, have now allowed this irrationality to manipulate them into supporting a candidate who is just as bad as Trump, if not actually far worse. Biden is a blatant racist and has spent his entire career working against minority interests, he has various credible accusations of sexual assault, and many photos being extremely inappropriate with women and children.

He worked actively against desegregation and said he didn’t “want his kids growing up in a racial jungle”, and he actually wrote and worked to pass the devastatingly racist police crime bill which authorized the “War on Drugs” and has allowed police to profile and brutalize minorities with impunity, unjustly imprisoning hundreds of millions of people over the last few decades with petty drug charges. Joe Biden still does not support marijuana legalization!

How is this a progressive candidate?! He isn’t. At all. He is actually someone you could pinpoint for being directly responsible for policies that have allowed for incidents like the death of George Floyd to become commonplace. But former progressives don’t seem to be able to cognate these highly pertinent facts in any way whatsoever. Due to the polarization fallacy which has gripped their minds, trapping them in the black and white thinking so characteristic of narcissism, all they can see is that Biden is “not Trump”. Even though any rational mind can see clearly that only by very superficial appearances alone -because of his proximity to Obama- can he even be considered a “Blue” candidate. Judging on actions over appearances, from a traditional progressive perspective, Biden’s record is worse than Trump in almost every regard.

Progressives should at the very least have applauded the anti-war actions taken by their hated Orange Man, as he de-escalated every military conflict the US was in after he got elected, and refused to start any new conflicts while in office, despite various close calls, such as with North Korea and Iran. In contrast, Biden is going to be a complete pawn for the Military Industrial Complex, evidenced by his early cabinet choices of notorious war hawks like Anthony Blinken and William Burns, who helped lead the US into all manner of military “quagmire”, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

But instead of appreciating any of the progressive, anti-war actions “Cheeto Hitler” actually took, we see former progressives are unable to have any nuanced view of him at all, and instead express nothing but rabid hatred for the man, as well as anyone they think might support him. Meanwhile, they refuse to acknowledge any of the massive red flags warnings piled up around Biden. This is because, after the mainstream media spent over 70% of their total 2016 presidential campaign coverage attacking and demonizing him, Trump is no longer just a man, but a monolith which represents Americans’ unintegrated shadow of racism, bigotry, selfishness, greed, misogyny, exploitation, irrationality and narcissism. Those who cannot acknowledge that these things exist to some degree in themselves can barely even stand to look at him. He is so triggering that most former progressives now prefer to elect a senile racist molester who is already loading up for more international war-for-profit schemes rather than have the Despised One as the representative of their collective national identity for another second.

Once Trump became seen as “an enemy to oppose at all costs” then all rationality was lost, as the polarization fallacy took control. If you must constantly realign yourself directly against whatever the enemy is going for, you become irrational and easy to manipulate. Progressives became blinded by their hatred for Trump, because he triggers their own unintegrated shadow in a very grotesque way, triggering highly charged hind brain reactions that serve to destroy the capacity for frontal lobe logic and reasoning.

Living with fear of imminent death will also constantly trigger the same type of hind-brain irrationality, as well as lower overall immunity. As the “fight or flight” hind brain survival mode takes over in response to a perceived threat, black and white, polarized thinking takes over the mind, and stress hormones cause the body to become more susceptible to viruses. So scientifically speaking, being constantly “covid concerned” actually increases the likelihood of infection!

Former progressives who were once anti-war, pro-individual rights -as well as mostly pro-natural health- have been led into this bizarro Upside Down world partly because of their misplaced trust in mainstream media and corrupt government officials, but mostly because they came to see Trump as “the evil enemy” they must oppose at all costs, believing this proved they are nothing like him. And in turn, they also felt they could and should support literally anyone who would oppose him.

Since most of the mainstream media opposes Trump, this helped to engender misplaced trust in them, as well as in convicted criminals like Bill Gates, and basically any corrupt official or politician that would challenge him, such as Fauci, Pelosi and Birx. Trusting blindly in notoriously untrustworthy corporate media, power-hungry businessmen, and two-faced politicians is dangerously naive, very unprogressive-like, and has allowed millions of people to be trauma-inducted en masse into a right-wing cult with irrational, extremist beliefs and behaviors.

Cults classically use the techniques of fear, elaborate deceptions, isolation, separation from family and friends, control of finances and movement, censorship and control of information, as well as intentionally engendering financial dependency in order to control the minds and bodies of their victims. Cults are also a form of collective narcissism, wherein members believe they have found “the only way” or “the only truth”, even though their beliefs are not based in reality.

Trauma-inducting so many polarized progressives into a collectivist scientism cult was done not only by stoking and then preying on shadowy hatred for Trump, but also by manipulating them through their conscious values for care, collectivism and diversity. But they became fully owned by their desire to easily placate guilt for having privileged status within a racist society. They were all too eager to comply if it meant they could do something cheap and easy to “prove” themselves to be “one of the good ones”. The need to prove one self as “on the good side”, not racist, not selfish and otherwise virtuous is so great amongst progressive liberals that they will do practically anything in order to gain this approval.

Post a black square? Easy! Done! See I’m one of the GOOD ONES!

Wear a mask in public? WOW I just LOVE the approval I get from people thinking I am virtuous!

Support lockdowns and the forced closure of private businesses, leading to rapidly rising bankruptcy, homelessness and starvation around the world, even while mega-corporations stay open and monopolize the entire global economy and a few calculating billionaires become trillionaires? As long as it makes me look like I’m not a racist!

Support mandatory vaccinations and an end to privacy, with high-tech tracking and tracing of all citizens, treating the entire population like prisoners in a vast open air prison? How about requiring an implanted digital ID with up to date vaccination records in order to be approved to leave your district? SURE! I’LL SUPPORT ANYTHING! Just don’t cancel me!

Sadly, most former progressive “Leftists” are now far more concerned about signaling progressive virtues to others than actually living up to them, as their ego desperately wants to try to prove they are one of the “good” ones and are not racist or selfish, which of course they are, like every human on the planet.

Inside this black & white thinking, which is a hallmark characteristic of narcissism, there is no space to consider any other options other than A or B, because the only answer is A. It’s either My Way Or The Highway. There Is No Choice. You either wear a mask, or you are a selfish racist. You either support Biden, or you’re a stupid racist. Never mind any facts! Critical thinking =Disloyalty! The permission to think critically is formally restricted by the scientism appeal to authority fallacy, while the capacity to even use nuanced rational thought at all is practically annihilated by the anti-Trump polarization fallacy.

Multiple fallacies converging with deep-seeded psychological triggers are serving to warp reality within these former progressives’ minds, so that now they aren’t concerned at all about preserving progress or fighting for more, they just focus on doing what they need to do to not be blamed and not have these shadows cast upon them.

Those who do not conform to the new medical fascism paradigm, therefore, are shadow projected onto by the in-group as “the bad ones”, as the “ones who are racist, selfish, anti-scientific, narcissistic, etc”. They become scapegoat receptacles for the unintegrated shadow projections of these former progressives now turned right wing germaphobe extremists.

Most of all these former progressives project outwardly their unconscious white supremacy and irrational, anti-scientific attitudes, as they are too vain and insecure to acknowledge they have these faults and live in honest humility, they will do anything to deny the painful guilt brought by these truths, which means they carry around this specific type of unintegrated shadow and they desperately need to project it outwardly onto others in order to continue to deny it exists in themselves.

Instead of intellectual honesty and personal humility expressed through tolerance for a plurality of differing perspectives, allowing for personal choice and personal sovereignty especially when it comes to one’s own body- a stance which would conform to their stated progressive values- these former progressives are instead embracing far Right authoritarianism and promoting the use of State violence to strip people of their most basic human rights, while projecting onto them their own shadows of arrogance, intolerance, racism, selfishness and narcissism.

They demonize people who question corrupt authorities, absurdly irrational orders and illogical narratives, labeling them as “the Right”, and claiming they are “delusional and dangerous”, unaware they are actually only describing themselves, as they indignantly attack and condemn their own shadow projections. They promote the use of state violence to force others to conform to their beliefs, while also feeling self-righteous moral indignation towards anyone who does not conform. Here is where we find the truly dangerous and delusional.

“There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as “moral indignation,” which permits hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue. The “indignant” person has for once the satisfaction of despising and treating a creature as “inferior,” coupled with the feeling of his own superiority and rightness.”
― Erich Fromm

Ultimately the root of this current collective narcissistic delusion stems from the vast narcissism of western culture itself, and it’s science especially, as it grossly overestimates its power and role in the world, in the lives of other sovereign nations and individuals.

From Colonialism to Manifest Destiny, from the Crusades to the Covid “Pandemic”, white western culture has long held itself, its views and it’s ways to be superior to others, believing that the whole world should conform, and acting indignantly and violently if it does not. Nowhere can we see this same genocidal vanity more on display today than in the fascist masking, lockdown and shutdown orders being justified by this completely falsified public health crisis.

When many African nations like Tanzania and others refused to follow these new guidelines, it was white “progressives” who most scoffed and derided them as being inferior and backwards for not conforming to the alarmist nonsense dictates of utter whack jobs like Neil Ferguson, who was paid by none other than the Gates Foundation to produce wildly alarmist death predictions for covid, just as he did for Swine Flu years before. While trusting blindly in known criminals and proven alarmist liars simply because they are successful, accredited white men, they ignore places like Tanzania where refusal to conform to the dictates of white western “science” has resulted in covid being a complete non-issue. When an African doctor spoke at a protest rally against covid lockdowns in DC, she was ruthlessly ridiculed and 99% of her speech ignored because she said something about “demons”, which to these former progressive’s mind seemed to prove how “backwards” and “inferior” she and her culture are compared white western “science”. These are just a few of literally endless examples of the unconscious white supremacy constantly put on display by so-called progressives. But they haven’t learned how to accept themselves for not living up to their own idealism, and so they feel they need to live inside a fragile delusion in order to love and accept themselves. They love that they have been given something cheap and easy that they think “proves” these fantasies so much that they never want “the pandemic” to end, but instead accept it as a “new normal” -despite all the horrors it is causing to millions of the world’s most vulnerable people -because it has become their source of false virtue and pride.

* * *

We find another very salient example of the faux progressive’s desire to virtue signal rather than actually live up to their stated values or confront real problems in the story of how “covid became racist”, which is also a major component of why conforming to this far Right paradigm became irrationally equated with “not being racist”.

In late spring of 2020, data began to come in showing that covid was affecting US minorities worse than whites. Following the data deeper, it could be seen that the vast majority of early covid deaths were all in NY and NJ. Following this data even deeper still, it was revealed the vast majority of the people who were reported to have died of covid in NY and NJ, mostly all died in the same few public hospitals serving low income communities, and they were all treated with a very lucrative multi-day ventilator + opiate cocktail treatment.

Rather than covid being the real culprit behind these deaths, what actually happened is that 100,000s of poor people of color were killed by “iatrogenesis” -killed by the treatment itself- in public hospitals that refused to offer any other treatments for covid other than what the CARES act chose to pay very generously for.

These treatments turned out to be lethal, and 90% of all covid deaths were people treated with this combo. There were many thousands of people treated in private clinics all over the country -and the world- with simple, cheap remedies like zinc, vitamin C, or anti-virals, and they all recovered just fine. Tanzania only saw 21 covid deaths in the entire country, and all they used was ginger and prayer. So these deaths were actually caused by unethical health care profit motives pushing deadly yet lucrative treatments like the opiate and ventilator combo, instead of using cheap and effective options like Vitamin C, Zinc or anti-virals. And this murderous profiteering was -and still is- absolutely affecting poor POC the most.

But rather than fighting along side brave whistleblowers who came forth to expose these horrible crimes even at great person risk, the false narrative broadcast by mainstream media has allowed hospitals like Elmhurst in Queens to systematically murder tens of thousands of vulnerable people of color for profit, and get away with it.

A majority of the early deaths were really coming out of only a few hospitals, but this was spun by the media into a vast deception and overt manipulation of liberal guilt, reporting as if these stats were coming evenly from across all over America, pushing the false narrative that every hospital in America is racist, that basically every doctor and nurse in America is racist, and that all of healthcare in America is racist, and so -all across America- covid is a greater problem for POC than whites. This false narrative set up an irrational guilt trip which threatens to accuse anyone who doesn’t conform to the new medical fascist paradigm of being a racist that doesn’t care about minorities.

This blatant manipulation of liberal guilt was and still is cover for a very serious crime against POC, a literal murder-for-profit scheme killing off “expendable” poor POC in inner cities for massive sums. Former progressives have now been duped into becoming unwitting accomplices to this atrocity due to their egotistical needs to placate guilt, as well as to deny any possible culpability of the white western medical authorities they now blindly trust and obey.

Rather than acknowledge and confront serious problems such as the corruption leaving a wake of dead POC in Queens and other public hospitals, we see former progressives prefer to rely on their unconscious white supremacism to simply deny that anything so nefarious could possibly be happening, which has also been precisely their M.O. with police brutality for decades.

* * *

The harsh reality is that everyone in the world is either an overt or covert racist. America is the most racially diverse and intentionally inclusive country in the world, and it is the only country in the world that holds being a cultural melting pot of racial diversity as a core value and strength. Racism is simply an accepted matter of fact in most of the world. Whether it is working for you or against you, it is overt, blatant and even expected. Only in America do people care so much about trying to prove that they aren’t racist at all that they can be guilt-shamed into compliance with fascist tyranny and absurd superstitions. This is because Americans are actually doing nothing to stop those who are directly responsible for the systemic crimes against minorities, in fact they will elect the very authors and proponents of these genocidal policies as president, thinking it is the only moral choice. Meanwhile they cast their shadows and direct blame and anger at anyone who does not conform with their beliefs, even if they are behaving so irrationally as to fight to elect the same man who wrote the crime bill they are rioting against.

In the same spirit of tragic irony, most Americans conforming to the new global medical fascist paradigm being dictated by select unelected authority figures within white western “science” are doing so in the hopes that this will prove they are not racist, while it powerfully serves to demonstrate precisely the opposite. African doctors touting natural herbal alternatives to masks, lockdowns and vaccines have been derisively dismissed and outright ridiculed by these former progressives. Meanwhile they lap up every word spoken by the likes of Bill Gates, who is neither a doctor, nor a scientist, but simply an old white billionaire, a proven criminal monopolist who spent decades using computer viruses unethically to make money, invade privacy and control people. He has a mountain of conflicts of interest in this pandemic, as he stands to gain many billions from forcing the whole world to take a dangerous experimental DNA-altering treatment that he has zero liability for, as well as steering all of society into an inhumanely isolated, high-tech world, utterly dependent on the technology he sells.

Why would anyone listen to Bill Gates about health or science at all? Well for one, because he pays very well to be on everybody’s favorite TV shows, and he pays the hosts to be flattering and portray him as he wants to be portrayed. But digging much deeper, it is because of a deep-seeded belief in “Western Exceptionalism”, which is really just another way of saying “White Supremacy”. They believe that because Bill Gates is a nerdy-smart white man that has been extremely successful in business (nevermind how he was successful, whether it was handed to him on a silver platter, which it was, and whether it was legal and ethical or not, which it wasn’t) and that this alone has demonstrated his “western exceptionalism”, so therefore, he is to be trusted and listened to over most people, and certainly over any African doctor or scientist.

Some may argue here that he is being listened to because he “predicted” this pandemic, and even helped to fund massive pandemic practice events. But they ignore his multitude of blatant conflicts of interest and trillion-dollar profit motives, as well as clear pattern of unethical, monopolistic strategies in business. They overlook the way he is now monopolizing all of global health care to push his own highly-profitable vaccine products, how he is using this fear and panic to implement draconian new biometric ID system which he has been promoting for many years, and is selling the hardware and software for. They ignore that he was ready and poised to monopolize public education with his remote education software before this even started. But what they ignore most of all is his blatant connections to the most virile white supremacist movements the world has ever known.

Bill Gates is a convicted felon monopolist Rockefeller heir following in his father’s footsteps to become the successor to the family’s centuries-old eugenicist population control goals, which have formerly included all manner of racist, genocidal efforts, from lobbying for the forced sterilizations of minority populations in the US to directly funding the Nazis.)

Planned Parenthood was started to quietly “exterminate the Negro population” and originally offered free sterilizations. Today they offer free abortion and contraception services.
Founder of Planned Parenthood gives a rally speech at an all female chapter of the KKK

Bill Gates is taking over the world with an arsenal of globally-focused, highly- monopolistic, profit (not care) driven business plans which would require even a top corporate executive like him many, many years of planning. The pandemic creates the perfect environment for him to steer the entire world toward being required to use a variety of his dubious products. So is he really prophetic for calling this “pandemic” a few years advance? Or is this simply when his plans for monopolizing the entire global economy began to concretize? Is he really the Capitalist Nostradamus? Or would the pure ration of Occam’s Razor insist that he is much more simply a ruthless executive producer of a very well-funded and orchestrated mass deception expressly intended to monopolize economies around world and radically transform the face of human society?

Those who insist that it must be the the former, despite all manner of evidence, reason, motive and even direct quotes expressing the latter, are no longer being rational or honest. Bill Gates has come to represent the “natural superiority of successful white men” and being suspicious of him is seen as being suspicious of all white western science, which is utter blasphemy within the new global scientism cult. They refuse to acknowledge any of these nefarious eugenics agendas could possibly exist, because they need to deny that this kind of white supremacy actually exists in mainstream culture which they are apart of. They need to deny that it exists at all outside of Trump rallies and prison gangs. They deny the most powerful, dangerous and organized forces of white supremacy because they want to keep denying it in themselves. To admit that white western science has become manipulated into a tool for a white supremacist global genocide would be a confession of their own complicity, and since the pain of this guilt is too overwhelming, they have not yet found the courage to face such a harsh truth.

But history is a litany of reasons to be suspicious of governments, of western corporations, and the military-industrial-complex. So what’s even more irrational than believing an amoral criminal monopolist is an altruistic humanitarian saint is to believe that public demonstrations of blind faith in the fascist dictates of such dubious unelected rich white men should “prove” that one is not a white supremacist, when it very quite starkly reveals the opposite.

* * *

All of this is now pointing to the heart of the issue, which is that progressives have been manipulated into abandoning their real values in order to try to deny their shadow, and they have traded away their progressivism for “Don’t Blame Me” token gestures which are actually a direct betrayal to everything they supposedly stand for. Very ironically, progressives have been duped into believing that complying with corrupt racist institutions implementing eugenicist policies proves that they are not racist and care about the world’s most vulnerable. This is just as tragically ironic and irrational as believing that obedience and conformity to any form of fascism makes one a morally superior person. Morality is doing what your conscience says is right regardless of what the authorities are telling you to do, whereas obedience and conformity is doing what you are ordered to do, regardless of what is right. Obedience and conformity are the perfect opposite to morality. To conform is to abandon all authentic morality, just as progressives have abandoned their former values for individual rights, body sovereignty, freedom of speech and tolerance for a plurality of perspectives, trading them in for a hot new brand of collective narcissism which gasses them up with flattering delusions, and supplies them with superstitions to shelter them from the cold, hard, ugly truth.