Meme War

Meme War

I’m talking about the real owners now -the REAL owners- the big wealthy interests that control things and make all the important decisions…” – George Carlin

Where does the ‘G’ in GMAIL come from?
Vatican installs a statue of Moloch, ancient god of child sacrifice
The Cult of Saturn / Satan descended from ancient mystery cults
and still practices rituals acting out the Saturn myths
wherein Saturn rapes and eats his children

The biblical story of Moses being suddenly told by Yahweh to NOT sacrifice his first child
was written down by Israelite priests during the Babylonian exile
likely as an attempt to get the Israelites to stop the practice of child sacrifice to deities such as
El, Ba-el, Belial, Moloch, Remphan, etc.. all of which represented aspects of Saturn.

Moloch / BAAL statue represent the god Saturn who demands child sacrifice
NASA Image: The All Seeing Eye of Saturn
Saturn Cults Worship the Symbol of 6 Pointed Star and Black Cube
Christian Cross Hides an Unfolded Cube (Exoteric v Occult)
Images for Saturn are the Old Man with Harvesting Sickle (origin of Grim Reaper Motif) and the Goat, as well as 6 Pointed Star
Saturn is the original Grim Reaper, “Death Eater” and the “Lord of the Rings”
Saturn Rules Capricorn – The Goat which is the “Cardinal” Ruler of Earth, and dwelling place is Earth’s foundation
Modern Marriage Ceremonies -and the exchange of rings -are from ancient rites of the cult of Saturn
Caduceus occult symbol on the Satanic Baphomet and the Pope’s staff
“New World Order” written in Latin on a Masonic Seal
“New World Order” Masonic Seal featured on US Currency
Vatican Art
Catholic “Occult” practices “Hidden in Plain Sight”
Saturn is Worshipped by an Outward Repression of Sexuality along with a secret Occult Perversion of Sexuality
Vatican translates to Divine Snake in Latin – Inside the Pope’s Audience Hall
The Vatican was one the top funders of Hitler and Mussolini

Paintings found hanging at Jeffrey Epstein’s private island
How did the CDC know to start staffing nationwide quarantine centers in NOVEMBER 2019?
Long-Term Social Distancing and Mandatory Face-Masks-For-All are currently being argued for on the basis that Correlation Proves Causation.
Smart meter microwaves have lethal effect on a tree

See censored content here:
Looks like Tales from the Crypt, Orders 30 Million people to stay inside all summer, “for their health”